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Welcome to the Charmed BoS Archive wiki.

Please note that this wiki will sometimes link to pages on wikipedia.

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This wiki shall document every entry known to be in the Book of Shadows of the hit tv-series Charmed which aired in The WB from 1998 'till 2006. Every page shall give you details on which fonts were used, which artist drew it, if there was use of any computer graphics, etc. We hope that this information shall be useful to those who wish to replicate the Book of Shadows or who just want to know more about this most special artifact.

To categorize the pages even more we'll be using Paige Matthews' color coding system.

Current projectsEdit

  • Create a main page
  • Create a page explaining the color coding system
  • Create templates for the color coding system
  • Create pages for at least 10 entries.
  • Create a format for pages.